Always Accepting Quality Consignments

Licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Bonded in Favor of the State of Ohio.

His: 1-440-666-9813 - Hers: 1-440-346-5586 - Email: hisandhersauctions@yahoo.com

13387 Smith Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130 - Southland South Shopping Center

Between W 130th and Pearl Rd, just west of the U.S. Post Office


Garage Sale/Estate Sale /Tag Sale/ eBay

Craigslist or Consignment Shops


Auction is the fastest, safest, surest way to turn your physical belongings and property into cash in your hands.

We can guarantee WHEN your item will sell and WHEN you will receive your money.

We can guarantee that your personal property will bring fair market value.

We can guarantee that “hundreds” of interested, potential, buyers will see your items on-line and in-person.

We can guarantee a “safe” transaction. No one will know who you are, or will ever have to visit your home or workplace. Your personal safety and contents of your home are always protected.

You will not have to “deal” with unsold or unwanted possessions.

We strive to meet all of your needs, and address all of your concerns and timetables.

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